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Preventive Health Care

There’s no denying that prevention is better than cure. Detecting ailments at early stages helps the doctors to cure it better and at the same time saves money for the afflicted individual.

Too bad, a typical health insurance plan doesn’t provide the coverage for preventive measures such as diagnostic tests and doctor’s advice. The expenses incurred on such preventive measures in our country constitute a whopping 30 billion dollar every year.

Preventive Health Care Plan is designed with an endeavor to make these ever-soaring preventive care expenses within the reach of common man. Policy Bazaar, the market leader among online insurance portals, has joined hands with leading providers to make this plan more accessible to the Indian customers.

Benefits -Preventive Healthcare

A preventive health care plan is a holistic plan offering the customers a gamut of benefits to keep them healthy all round the year. This plan lets the user to gain immensely from the expertise of specialized medical practitioners without having to spend a penny. Here’s the string of benefits it offers:

  • Free health check-up.
  • Free doctor consultation on phone or online chat.
  • Free second opinion for critical diseases.
  • Concessions at Diagnostic Labs.
  • Concessions at Pharmacies.
  • Concessions on Dental services.
  • Concessions at Pathology and Radiology labs.
  • Best-in-class medical facilities at clinics and hospitals.

As can be seen, a preventive plan is not just limited to diagnosis and consultation, but also saves big on treatment. Plus, you get to save your tax under section 80(D). Buying a Preventive Healthcare Plan is your smart step towards better health.

Personal Accident: The insurance provides compensation in the event of death or disability directly due to accident.


This policy offers compensation in case of death or bodily injury to the insured person, directly and solely as a result of an accident, by external, visible and violent means.

The policy operates worldwide and is a 24 hours cover.

Different coverages are available ranging from a restricted cover of Death only, to a comprehensive cover covering death, permanent disablements and temporary total disablements.

Family Package cover is available to Individuals under Personal Accident Policy whereby the proposer, spouse and dependent children can be covered under a single policy with a 10% discount in premium.

Group personal accident policies are also available for specified groups with a discount in premium depending upon the size of the group.